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A relationship breakup, is best know by most of the free world as a "breakup", it  is the end of an intimate relationship except by death. (Although sometimes it feels that way) It is commonly called "dumping [someone]" in slang when it is initiated one partner.

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My husband stopped talking to me right after he got home from work and went straight to take a shower. I later found out he was having an affair.

I woke up one day and found out the man I was with had become someone else entirely. One day fun and loving and the next someone I did not know at all! He stopped wanting to go anywhere, talk to friends and even kiss me.

At first it is small changes but then they become more frequent and bigger. Then you know it is over. Losing a love is devastating.

Will the hurt ever go away?
RE:Breakup quotes to help me through

Socrates - By all means marry, if you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. Cher - The trouble with women is that they get all excited about nothing...and then marry him! Andy Rooney - For every stunning, smart, well-coiffed hot woman of fort...
Breakup quotes to help me through

Laurel House - I miss your smile… but I miss mine more. Steve Maraboli - I will not try to convince you to love me, to respect me, to commit to me. I deserve better than that; I AM BETTER THAN THAT…Goodbye. Jo Blackwell - Preston - Don’t you dare, for one more second, surround yourself w...
RE:I Regret Breaking Up With my Boyfriend?

It was your decisions try to remember why you made it and move on!
RE:I Regret Breaking Up With my Boyfriend?

my advice to you is to ( FORGET ABOUT HIM ) that he didn't care about you.. and stop feeling guilt or regret!! you broke up with him for a reason…should be happy you did what you did…i know that feelings are something we can't control ( but it will get easier with time trust me..
RE:I Regret Breaking Up With my Boyfriend?

You have to figure out how to get better after the breakup…. okay..guilt is a dangerous human feeling that keeps u from moving forward.. Send a text to the guy and..say sorry...and end it right..there...kill your...guilt...and move on.. Now keep your slef busy…..
RE:I Regret Breaking Up With my Boyfriend?

Most of us regret it and feel bad because, your like so many other girls you make stupid decisions without thinking and end up regretting, learn from your mistakes, dont do it again Tell him what you did wrong Hope he will give you a second chance

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 Conscious Uncoupling

Conscious Uncoupling | 12/5/2016

When you break up with someone blaming the other person is easy.  Looking at your flaws in order to get better is difficult but in the long run it could make your next relationship better. 

Quotes About Break ups

Quotes About Break ups | 11/21/2016

If you are not needy when your ex is around you can fake it till you make it.  In the end you mind might just start to believe yourself.   Your ex spouse / lover might actually begin to question was ending it the right thing to do?
Keep a smile on your face and trick your thoughts and body with the positive signals being sent out to your body.
The choice is your to choice to accept the pain and not allow it to become a form of suffering. The constant mental remuneration is what we have to change and begin to take control of what we are thinking and our thoughts.

Things Not To Do After A Breakup

Things Not To Do After A Breakup | 11/21/2016

Post breakup blues are common.  You have to take matters into your own hands and get your life back together as quickly as possible.  As hard as it is and as traumatic as a breakup can be, you can move forward into the life you want.

Analyzing what went wrong with the relationship can help you avoid making the same mistakes again.  Try to learn from your past and work toward self improvement. Avoid the things that are self destructive that will make it impossible to have another relationship.

Did You Just Break Up?  These 4 Things Can Help

Did You Just Break Up? These 4 Things Can Help | 11/21/2016

When a relationship falls apart and reaches the end people can get hurt and become vindictive.  Don’t let your ex see your hurt or malicious side. Your best bet is to focus on the positives of the breakup and try to move forward.
We all handle loss, change and, the end of a relationship differently.  If your  goal is to accept the breakup and move on there are things you can do to ensure a healthy recovery.

Break up and Be Healthy

Break up and Be Healthy | 11/21/2016

Healthy Living

How To Break Up With Someone: Don't Be Vague

How To Break Up With Someone: Don't Be Vague | 11/21/2016

How To Break Up With Someone: Don't Be Vague clear communictions might be hard but in the long run it will be better.

Ouotes About Healing

Ouotes About Healing | 8/5/2016

Healing is a choice...Hurt, seperation, breakups, divorce, abuse happen how we heal depends on "me".

How To End A Broken Relationship Advice for Men

How To End A Broken Relationship Advice for Men | 8/5/2016

Inaction leads to discontent.  If you have been sitting on the fence in your relationship hoping it will get better knowing it won’t then you need to do something.  Most people put off breaking up because it is hard and it hurts.  But if you’re unhappy, unsatisfied and frustrated with your relationship then the painful experience is worth it.


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