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Love as a verb it is something you do.   It takes action.   In order to love another person properly you have to love yourself first.  You have to be kind and caring to yourself first.  Once you do that you can learn to love and share yourself with others.  I love it when I fly on the plane and they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first and then to take care of others.  That is what love is.  Love yourself first and then love others.  By doing this you can set your standards higher and expect more out of life, because you’re worth it.  You know you are.

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Quotes About Self Respect

Quotes About Self Respect | 12/5/2016

Outoes on Self Respect and help you get to a better place in life. While you are trying to get there here is some things you can do to help build your self respect.

The 7 Steps to Stop Grieving

The 7 Steps to Stop Grieving | 12/5/2016

A grieving person passes through seven stages ( They may occur in any order, and some stages may occur simultaneously. The loss of a spouse through divorce, or death is devastating and grieving properly and understanding what you are going through is vital.  The loss of a boyfriend or girlfriend deserves the same type of attention and grieving the loss just is important to successful recovery.  March on!

Things Every Girl Should Know How to Say to a Man

Things Every Girl Should Know How to Say to a Man | 12/5/2016

The best thing a woman can do in a relationship is communicate.
Learning how to express ourselves and communicate can be difficult.  Knowing how to say them and when to say them is a skill set every woman needs.  And yes you are never too young to learn how to communicate. Having this type of insight before you date is priceless.

Ouotes On Self Improvement

Ouotes On Self Improvement | 11/21/2016

Self-improvement and self-worth are priceless, train your brain to love your self. So you can love others the right way.

Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts

Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts | 11/21/2016

Getting negative thoughts off your mind is not a simple process.  Research shows the more you try or are instructed to not think about a specific topic, it makes it even harder to get that topic out of your mind.  When you go over negative thoughts again and again in your head it can be unpleasant and counterproductive and could even lead to chronic depression.

Stop Being So Easily Offended

Stop Being So Easily Offended | 11/21/2016

Are you too easily offended? Find out:

Skills That Will Increase Your Happiness

Skills That Will Increase Your Happiness | 11/21/2016

Learn to develop skills that will help you increase your happiness on your journey to finding love.

Quotes on Self-Esteem

Quotes on Self-Esteem | 11/21/2016

Learn what these greats had to say about self-esteem.

Learn How to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Learn How to Raise Your Self-Esteem | 11/21/2016

Global self-esteem is not a constant set in stone. Increasing it, raising it is possible, it is difficult to do but can be done. Global self-esteem grows as we face our fears and learn from our experiences. Some of this work may require the aid of a medical professional like a psychotherapist. While you are working on it here is some things you can do for yourself.

Self-Esteem vs. Self-Respect

Self-Esteem vs. Self-Respect | 11/21/2016

Self-esteem and self-respect at first blush seem like they are the same.  But there is a few differences that make both important in personal growth. 


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Is This Normal?

Sometimes things are crazy and we just don’t know it.  What we do as normal in our homes is way out there for others. Just because we grew up seeing it does not make it normal.  If your parents were verbally, mentally or physically abusive with each other it is ok to understand that this is not normal and it is ok to questions behavior you grew up witnessing.  It is ok to decide you do not want to live a certain way. You can learn to set your standards higher and work to gain awareness in order to set yourself up for a better life.
Posted on 12/5/2016 6:59:41 PM

Am I Crazy?

Do not let the insecurities of another person diminish you. Usually the abusive person wants to control you and they do it by making you feel worthless.  You are supposed to funnel all your energy into their happiness and none of it into yours, they want all the time, money and attention to be spent on them.  They yell at you because the voices in their own head are so demented and sick it is easier to make you feel worthless than to fix themselves. It is easier to create chaos in their outer world than to hear the destructive thoughts going on in their mind.
Posted on 12/5/2016 6:59:33 PM

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